Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis Slide Show Project

Research an earthquake, a volcano, or a tsunami.  Create a Google slide show and share it with Mrs. Saliba.  Your slide show must be at include 10 slides. The first slide should be a title page including the name, location and date of the disaster as well as your name. Each slide (except the works cited) must contain an image as well as information. One slide must have a video or an animation, (that counts as the image for that slide.) The last slide should be a works cited page and does not need an image. Include information about the number of people injured/killed as well as damage to cities, buildings, etc.
Share with me on Google by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May 14, 2018.

Pick a topic from the following list or come up with your own idea.  Either way, please get it approved before beginning.

San Francisco Earthquake 1906
Alaska Earthquake Match 1964
Nepal Earthquake April 2015
Haiti Earthquake 2010
The Great Sichuan Earthquake  2008
Rudbar, Iran Earthquake  1990
Izmit, Turkey Earthquake  1990
Kashmir, Pakistan Earthquake  2005
Chimbote, Peru Earthquake  1970
New Madrid Earthquakes  1811-1812

Mt. St. Helens
Mount Pelee
Mount Pinatubo
Mauna Loa
Mount Tambora

Caused by Indian Ocean Earthquake 2004
Caused by Japan Earthquake 2011
Caused by Sumatra, Indonesia Earthquake 
Phillipines  1976
Caused by Tohoku Earthquake 2011